HomeMed Healthcare

Fast access to state-of-art diagnostic equipment and medical services:
reducing waiting times by providing advanced healthcare.


Healthcare in your home.

HomeMed Healthcare is a medical service provider that aims to increase access to advanced healthcare, diagnostics and screening services.

Who is HomeMed Healthcare?

HomeMed enables faster diagnostics, reductions in patient waiting lists and better healthcare outcomes that can relieve pressure on the National Health Service.

Our desire is to increase the quality and speed of care provided.

Registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

State-of-art diagnostic equipment: X-Ray and Ultrasound, for safe and accurate results to clinicians and patients.

Equipped to provide wider medical needs on demand.

Our equipment is designed with mobility in mind, and is made available at your practice or at the homes of your patients for their comfort and wellbeing, especially the elderly and vulnerable.

Our vehicles and equipment can travel across London with ease, ensuring flexible access to diagnostic and other medical services wherever they are needed, reducing waiting times and speeding up the diagnostic process.

HomeMed’s team of radiographers and sonographers use our digital X-Ray units, Ultrasound Scanners. Our fast digital systems, images to be instantly uploaded and transmitted to radiology using CIMAR cloud.

Notifications are sent to clinicians, with secure access links, to read and download the images and reports. We aim to provide a two-to-six-hour turnaround, allowing a faster, more cost efficient, diagnosis for more patients.

Benefits to Clinicians and Patients

As demand for healthcare has increased so has the pressure on NHS practices and the risk to the health of patients.

HomeMed’s services provide new options for safe, fast and affordable diagnosis and healthcare solutions, helping practices assess patients and offer treatment options swiftly, especially to the elderly vulnerable.

As a clinician, you can provide the best healthcare facilities in your area, faster and more conveniently, reducing waiting times and backlogs.

“a reliable and affordable way to achieve improved healthcare outcomes”

Advanced diagnostic and healthcare solutions to meet your practice’s needs, now.

HomeMed Healthcare aims to develop an effective and enduring partnership with practices in your area, to provide you and your patients with direct access to our team of radiographers and sonographers, with the screening, imaging and diagnostic tools you need, whenever you need them.

Fast, Flexible, Affordable

Rapid results, tailored to meet your practice’s needs, reliably and cost‑effectively.

On–site, Off-site, On Time

State-of-the–art diagnostic and medical equipment, mobilised to your practice or patients’ homes.

Accurate and Accessible

Fast, mobile, digital systems, delivering up‑to‑date images, reporting directly to CIMAR cloud.

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